Saneta Maiko PhD, MS, GC-PH, BCC 

Saneta Maiko PhD, MS, GC-PH, BCC 

North Central District Conference Superintendent
United Methodist Conference of Indiana


Saneta Maiko, PhD, BCC is a former John Templeton Research Fellow with Indiana University School of Medicine (2017-2019). His clinical research investigated the role of spirituality and religion on the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of metastatic outpatient cancer patients and caregivers. Dr. Maiko is a graduate from Indiana University Fairbanks (GC-Public Health), Indiana University School of Medicine (MS-Clinical Research), Purdue University (MS-Organization Leadership) and from Concordia Seminary (PhD).  He is a graduate of Reflective Supervision from Cambridge University (Wesley House), UK and Indiana University Health’s Emerging Leaders program. An experienced ordained clergy of the United Methodist, Dr. Maiko is the founder and former Executive Director of Crime Victim Care of Allen County (Amani Family Services) and Chaplain Researcher at Indiana University Health. Dr. Maiko has many years of leading organizations, serving on boards, and teaching at Purdue University. He is a recognized spiritual leader in training Intercultural Competence to Law Enforcement, Social Agencies, Businesses, and Healthcare Systems. A Nationally licensed Intercultural Development Qualified Administrator, Dr. Maiko is also Nationally Board Certified as a Healthcare Chaplain. He is a recipient of several honors and awards. He has authored a book and several articles in medical, leadership, chaplaincy, and youth journals. He is married to Beatrice, and they are blessed with four children. They reside in Indianapolis.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Theology) Concordia Theological Seminary  
  • Graduate Certificate (Public Health) Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health  
  • Master of Science (Clinical Research) Indiana University School of Medicine  
  • Master of Science (Leadership & Supervision) Purdue University College of Engineering  
  • Master of Sacred Theology (Psychology) Christian Theological Seminary  
  • Bachelor of Divinity (Theology) St. Paul’s University  

Other Trainings

  • Indiana University School of Medicine, John Templeton Research Fellow
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE-5 Units) -Residency (Nationally Board-Certified Chaplain)
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator (Nationally Licensed)
  • Cambridge University [ Wesley House) (UK)- Graduate of Reflective Supervision
  • Indiana University Health- Graduate of Emerging Leaders

Representative Publications

  • Torke AM, Fitchett G, Maiko S, Burke ES, Slaven JE, Watson BN, Ivy S, Monahan PO. The Association of Surrogate Decision Makers' Religious and Spiritual Beliefs With End-of-Life Decisions. Journal of Pain Symptom Management. 2020 Feb;59(2):261-269.
  • Torke AM, Maiko S, Watson BN, Ivy SS, Burke ES, Montz K, Rush SA, Slaven JE, Kozinski K, Axel-Adams R, Cottingham A. The Chaplain Family Project: Development, Feasibility, and Acceptability of an Intervention to Improve Spiritual Care of Family Surrogates. Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. 2019 Oct-Dec;25(4):147-170.
  • Maiko S, Johns SA, Helft PR, Slaven JE, Cottingham AH, Torke AM. Spiritual Experiences of Adults With Advanced Cancer in Outpatient Clinical Settings. Journal of Pain Symptom Management. 2019 Mar;57(3):576-586.
  • Maiko SM, Ivy S, Watson BN, Montz K, Torke AM. Spiritual and Religious Coping of Medical Decision Makers for Hospitalized Older Adult Patients. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 2019 Apr;22(4):385-392.
  • Maiko, S. (2018). John Wesley: Church Mission Struggle in the Fight against Slave Trade. Missionalia Journal of South Africa. 45, 2:144-153.
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  • Mishra, P. and Maiko, S. (2017) Combating Corruption with Care: Developing Ethical Leaders in Africa. Africa Journal of Management: 1-16.
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  • IU Health Chaplaincy Services